Virtual Reality VR Software For Contractors

Here at Digital Canal, our virtual reality software for contractors will give you an entirely new way of seeing your design, allowing you to spot flaws before you get to the jobsite. Design Expert by Digital Canal is an all-in-one design and building software that has been programmed by some of the brightest minds in the building industry.

The only software you’ll need

Our intention behind developing Design Expert was to give every contractor the right tools to help promote, design and win bids. Our VR software for contractors is perfect for:

  • Remodelers
  • Commercial and residential builders
  • General contractors
  • Architects
  • And more

Regardless of where you fall on the building spectrum, our software can go to work for you.

Use our
virtual reality software for contractors to spot flaws

There’s no argument about it; mistakes in the design process can cost a contractor money, time and potentially further work down the road. That’s why you need to use any tool possible to spot the mistakes before you get to the job site.

Besides having our True Build technology built into the program, Design Expert’s VR design software allows you to fully immerse yourself in your design.

You can walk through the house or building as if it had already been built, allowing you to see firsthand where the flaws in the design will be.

Design Expert pays for itself over time

When many contractors shop for virtual reality software for builders, all they are concerned about is their bottom line. However, with the way Design Expert is designed, our VR software for builders starts working for you right out of the box. By winning more contracts, the software will pay for itself on the first successful proposal.

To bring your proposals into the new age, call today to get our virtual reality software for contractors. Have any questions? Call us today and we will provide a personal demonstration and show you how our software outperforms the competition.


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