SolidBuilder Design Software Programs

Win more bids and increase profits with SolidBuilder design software for contractors. A long list of construction professionals has been doing exactly that for the last 30 years by working with Digital Canal’s industry-leading software.

SolidBuilder streamlines the design process, promoting unmatched accuracy and providing users with flexibility. SolidBuilder design programs for subcontractors focuses both on the architectural and construction aspects of a project. SolidBuilder does not allow you to design anything that cannot be built. So, as a result, you don’t risk generating a plan set that you find out later can’t be built the way that it is designed.


The tradition of SolidBuilder design software for construction contractors

Our SolidBuilder design software programs have been a solution that construction professionals have relied upon for decades. This is software that was developed by builders, for builders.

We put to use our knowledge and experience in the industry to create an intuitive solution that takes the laborious, tedious nature out of the design process. We know that our clients are construction professionals and not software developers — which is why SolidBuilder design software for contractors it easy to learn. In a matter of hours, you can be equipped with the knowledge and skill required to get designing.

Some professionals that don’t do their own designs still rely on SolidBuilder just to confirm that their designs are buildable.


Catch mistakes before your crews hit the field

With 3D modeling capabilities, SolidBuilder design programs for subcontractors allows you to virtually build the home on your computer screen. It’s during this process that you will be able to pinpoint mistakes or make changes as dictated by your crew or the potential client. SolidBuilder also executes quick, accurate takeoffs.

This means that once it’s time to build, you are completely ready and will be able to make efficient use of your time and materials. And, it’s all thanks to SolidBuilder design software for contractors. Contact our team to schedule a free demo!