Software Programs For Home Building

Welcome to Digital Canal, one of the leading resources for software for home building designers. We offer our clients an arsenal of high-tech, innovative tools to make it a whole lot easier and less time-consuming to manage even large-scale, complex projects.

Design Expert is one of our primary software programs for building designers, offering a solution that was created by construction professionals for construction professionals. This allows you to design an entire home, generate blueprints and perform a takeoff in a matter of minutes.

We also offer other programs for residential building, like Design Expert, Design Essential, that streamlines the process of creating estimates and proposals. Or, with Design Expert or Design Essentials, you are able to produce one-click renderings.


Save time without sacrificing quality

The goal for any home builder is to minimize their time spent on the busy (but, still important) work of a project without sacrificing quality. While that may have been a pipe dream in the past, it’s possible with Digital Canal and our software for home building designers.

Our programs for home building designers allow you to breeze through what were once time-consuming phases of a project, while still maintaining high quality and, even more important, accuracy. You are able to produce professional work that will catch the eyes of potential clients without spending all of your time on each task.


Software programs for building designers that is easy to learn

Design Expert, Design Essentials and our other solutions have helpful assistance built right into them. This ensures that the learning curve is minimal and you will be able to learn what’s needed to maximize the impact the software has on the way you do business.

Plus, our software for home building designers is backed by toll-free, direct, live support whenever you need it. Our team can even share a computer screen virtually with you to help answer any questions or concerns you might have. Contact our team for a free demonstration!