Residential Design Software For Contractors

Digital Canal has developed residential design software for contractors that not only makes it easy for you to design homes, but also do so in a way that maximizes the profitability of each project.

This should be music to the ears of any building professional who has seen money squandered due to inefficiencies in the designing and planning processes. Digital Canal solves these problems with Design Expert — industry-leading residential design software for contractors that helps to better serve clients and bolster your own building operation.


How our software saves you money

We have one word for you: accuracy. Accuracy is king when it comes to the design process. Whenever accuracy slouches during this phase, you’re going to end up paying for it. Our residential design software for contractors has a variety of features that helps promote accuracy and cost savings on your end:

  • Eliminating mistakes before you build: Design Expert institutes True Build technology, which means it only lets you build structures that you can actually build physically out in the field. This lets you test the buildability of your plans before you bring a flawed design out in the field.


  • Time savings: Our residential design software for contractor’s makes the design process faster — and time is money.


  • Quick, accurate takeoffs: With Design Expert, your plans can be exported to workable blueprints and you can run an accurate takeoff to populate an appropriate list of supplies that eliminate worksite waste.


  • Win more bids: When you use our software and provide vivid 3D models for clients to visualize it’s a huge selling point. Design Expert will help you win more bids.

The list goes on from there. The building professionals that have invested in our residential design software for contractors have seen their profit per project increase. You can too by contacting out team and scheduling a free demo.

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