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Residential Commercial Blueprint Software

Easily go from a 3D design to a workable blueprint with our residential blueprint drawing software called SolidBuilder. You no longer will have to redraw your design to make it into a blueprint. Imagine the time and money this will save you. Whether you need a residential or commercial blueprint drawing program, SolidBuilder by Digital Canal is the industry-leading choice.

Easily switch between a 3D design and your blueprint with our residential blueprint program, allowing you to design as your client dictates and then see the material requirements. You’ll never have to guess again if a design is buildable: Using SolidBuilder for your commercial blueprint software incorporates true building intelligence into every design you create.

Eliminate on-site mistakes

Even for the novice, our residential blueprint drawing software will eliminate any mistakes by giving an accurate and precise list of material cuts. SolidBuilder will generate a complete list and measurements of each cut of material, along with exact counts of each cut. This eliminates any unnecessary waste, saving your bottom line.

Improve estimate accuracy

Since all of the calculations are done by the program, using our commercial blueprint drawing program will improve your bid accuracy, allowing you to guarantee your clients no greater than one percent difference between the estimated and actual build cost. This, alone, saves you money, since you most likely have to cover what the estimate doesn’t account for.

Access to predesigned blueprints

With SolidBuilder, you get access to multiple ready-made blueprints. This gives you the flexibility to offer your clients numerous options, even allowing you to pick and choose a feature from multiple designs and creating one.


Regardless of your client type, whether you need a commercial or residential blueprint drawing software, SolidBuilder by Digital Canal should be your next investment. To get a closer look at the software, or to get more information, call us today or submit your info through our online request form. We look forward to showing you how SolidBuilder can work for you.