Residential CAD Design Program For Contractors

If you are in the market for inexpensive, yet highly effective, residential CAD software for construction, look no further than Design Expert by Digital Canal. Design Expert, with its core program being Building Blocks, has been on the market for 30 years and has only grown user-friendlier with each update.

With the ability to adapt the program to your building style, this CAD design program for contractors will save you time while increasing your revenue.

Freedom to build

We realize that each contractor has his or her style and special way of constructing. That’s why we have created our CAD design software for construction contractors to allow the user to specify details such as:

  •    Width and height of walls
  •    Slope of the roof
  •    Foundation type
  •    Opening widths


This means that, by using our residential design program for contractors, you can preset these dimensions and the program will calculate the rest.

Effective for multi-story home projects

Never before has residential CAD software for construction made creating multi-level homes easier than with Design Expert. When you begin the design process in Building Blocks, the design wizard will ask you how many stories and automatically adjust the design screen to include the needed options.

Minimizing the learning curve so you can get to work

Regardless of the user’s computer expertise or design know-how, our CAD design program for contractors makes it easy to learn. No matter your skill level, you can take a design from 3D model to workable blueprint and takeoffs in as little as 30 minutes. With practically no learning curve, you’ll be designing magnificent homes right out of the box.


With a program like Building Blocks as the core software, our award winning residential CAD software for construction has helped thousands of construction professionals just like you generate designs that more clients will love, meaning you will land more contracts. Call our team today or watch our demonstration videos to see how you can add this solution to your tool box and start designing right away.