Residential Building Software Programs

Digital Canal works to change the way that builders approach their jobs thanks to our residential building software for contractors. We have developed Design Expert, an industry-leading program that has been helping construction professionals streamline the home building process for the last three decades.

In this day and age, you simply have to have digital tools on your side. But, just because you have building programs for construction contractors in your toolkit, doesn’t mean they are necessarily the right ones.

There is a lot of software to choose from, and over 11,000 builders, remodelers, architects and other professionals have relied on Digital Canal and our residential building software for building contractors. Here’s why:

  • Developed by fellow construction professionals: When you utilize our residential building software programs, you are taking advantage of a solution that were developed by the men and women that know your work best. We are builders and we created software to solve the common problems we face on the job.


  • Outstanding support: Our residential building software for contractors not only has assistance built into the interface, but aside from the mountain of tutorials and guides, we offer unlimited, direct, live support from our developers. They can help you over the phone or share a screen virtually to walk you through any issues you might have.


  • Proven: Our building programs for construction contractors have contributed to thousands of construction projects across the country and even the world. Professionals have found our software to save them time, energy and waste in the design and building processes.


You didn’t get into this business so you could pore over calculations and do a bunch of tedious work. Our residential building software for contractors does that for you. With Digital Canal and our solutions and services, you are able to get back to the larger picture of your construction business.