Remodelers Design Virtual Reality Software

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Here at Digital Canal, we have created remodelers virtual reality software that serves as a trusted tool for remodeling professionals all over the world.

Can you imagine being able to complete your project on a computer screen, turn the design into a 3D model and then provide virtual reality capabilities for your potential clients to enjoy? That’s an amazing selling point for any home remodeler, and Digital Canal provides you with this capability thanks to our remodelers design VR software.


Why it’s important to bring your plans to life

Even for experienced builders, staring at one-dimensional blueprints probably doesn’t add a lot of insight into your project. Most people need to have a visual in order to truly comprehend something. With our design virtual reality software, you can:

  • Closely scrutinize every inch of your own project. With our remodelers virtual reality software, not only are you creating buildable projects, but through virtual reality, you can take a close look at the project to spot any potential problems and iron out potential issues before you encounter them in the field.
  • Provide your potential clients with a vivid look at their finished product. Virtual reality is one of the most jaw-dropping advancements in technology. With our remodelers design VR software, your clients can walk through a project room by room to see exactly what it will look like. This allows them to provide important feedback along the way and ultimately perfect the design.

SolidBuilder is loaded with amazing features and serves as a one-stop shop for project management. This means designing your project, generating a model, populating a materials list, generating an estimate, creating proposals and more.

Our remodelers virtual reality software is a major asset through every phase of a project. See so for yourself by testing out a free trial of our game-changing software!


For a Free Trial Click Here

To speak with someone in person call 1-800-449-5033.

The difference between SolidBuilder Design Software and our BidBuilder Estimating Software is all about what you are required to perform for your prospect …

If you are creating the design and blueprints, then SolidBuilder Design Software will create a takeoff from your design as you design it.

BidBuilder estimating software is used when you are NOT designing. BidBuilder is used when you are asked to bid a project based on blue prints / plan drawings.

Our Estimating Software (BidBuilder) provides the ability to digitally perform a takeoff (point and click on the plan) and create a professional estimate straight from a set of plans. To see how our Estimating Software works and view Reports, Proposals and more sample output click Continue below.