Professional Architectural Building Programs

The professional architectural design programs by Digital Canal will have you creating masterpieces for your clients in no time. Not too mention, the number of successful bids will likely increase when you consider the way Design Expert will transform your proposal submission process.

If you’re looking to land more jobs, all while spending less time designing and more time building, get your free trial of Design Expert.

Use automation to speed up your design process

With our building design programs, the mundane tasks of designing are done automatically. This includes the foundation plan, framing and roof structure.

For example, to have our professional design programs for contractors complete the roofing plan, all you have to do is select which type of roof you want and let Design Expert do the rest. This feature, alone, we take hours of design time away, all while keeping your design streamlined and efficient.

Conduct accurate takeoffs and populate a dependable materials list

Another lengthy aspect of developing a proposal is producing the takeoff, or the list of material and cuts you’ll need to complete the build. One of the best features of our professional architectural design programs is its ability keep an accurate count of materials while you design.

The benefits of this feature are plentiful, not the least of which is the amount of time you will save. Another benefit of having this feature built into our building design programs is it allows you to stay within a specific budget. If your client has a set budget but wants special features, this allows you to show which features you can do and stay within their budget.

To get your hands on these revolutionizing, professional architectural design programs, give us a call today. We will gladly answer all of your questions and even provide a personal demonstration, allowing you a first hand look at how Design Expert can benefit your operations.


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