Home Renovation Design Software

If you are a builder or remodeler on the market for new home renovation design software, you know that many options exist — so many, in fact, that you could be confused or overwhelmed.

When it comes down to choosing your renovation design software for contractors, you do not want something that is overly complicated. You want a quick, easy option in design software for builders that delivers real results and allows you to communicate effectively with clients. If you want a high-quality software package that ties together all aspects of your construction delivery services, you want Design Expert from Digital Canal.

Design Expert is a custom design package that focuses on quick, easy design with a simple user interface and stunning visualization. We can’t wait to show you how it works.

What our home renovation design software can do for your team

How many times have you completed a design, only to realize that you have to rehash the entire thing so you can get the material takeoffs right? What if your renovation design software for contractors did the work for you as you went along? You need accurate estimates and material counts, and Design Expert delivers in real time. Watch the material takeoffs change as you update your design — our system is:

  •    Precise
  •    Accurate
  •    Reliable
  •    Efficient

When you can count on your design software, your clients can count on you. In addition, Design Expert delivers additional functionality through quick 2D and 3D design and modeling. You do not have to spend a vast amount of time re-learning a new software platform that is excessively complicated. At Digital Canal, we believe in intuitive, usable systems that make your life easier and your building designs more accurate. It is really that simple.

Let us show you how our home renovation design software could improve efficiency and accuracy at your company. Contact us now, or make a single click to download a free trial of our software. We can’t wait to put our solutions to work for you.

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