Home Remodeling Design Software

Should your clients care about the home remodeling design software that you use? In today’s tech-forward building environment, you may be surprised to learn just how much interest your customers might have in your remodeling design software for contractors.

If you think sending a PDF file or paper printout of your remodeling design is sufficient, you run the risk of being left behind by other forward-thinking firms. Keep your company competitive by adopting Digital Canal’s design software for contractors — we call it Design Expert.

Our detailed software option provides you with better tools for communicating your design vision than others that are available on the market. Those tools include virtual reality technology that immerses your clients in their proposed environment. Take your organization to the next level by recruiting more clients with the help of our Design Expert software.

How home remodeling design software can be a marketing tool

Do you think your clients can really get the feel of a new construction project simply by reviewing static photographs? Today’s wired consumers demand a higher level of detail. With Design Expert, Digital Canal helps you deliver a more immersive experience, allowing your clients to truly understand the nature of your proposed developments. Our virtual reality remodeling design software for contractors:

  •    Helps you quickly identify design flaws before you present to the client
  •    Integrates with smartphones and PCs alike
  •    Allows your clients to access their designs at any time, even if they are in the comfort of their own homes
  •    And, places you a step ahead of the competition

You deserve home remodeling design software that tracks material takeoffs in real time, helps you quickly produce construction documents, and “wows” your clients with virtual reality tours. With Design Expert, your team can become more efficient, cost-effective and marketing-savvy. A free trial is just a click of a button away. Contact us now to learn more.

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