Home Blueprint Design CAD Software

Never before has there been a less expensive or more accurate blueprint design CAD software than Design Expert by Digital Canal. Developed by professional builders for the sole purpose of increasing functionality, this program provides an easy-to-use alternative to spending hours and hours in old-style designing software.

No more importing from different programs

By using this home blueprint software for contractors, you no longer need to have several different programs taking up valuable space on your computer. You can now easily go from designing a 3D model to having a list of takeoffs and blueprints you can show to your client.

Easy-to-use applications

Design Expert features some of the easiest to use applications available in home design CAD programs. Some of the added features include:

  • Automatic roof generator: Instantly add an “all-hipped” roof to your design concept without hours of calculations. Easily add gables, leaving you with a buildable roof design with hardly any work on your part.


  • Automatic dimensioning: Digital Canal’s blueprint CAD programs for building contractors eliminate the need for recalculating to change room sizes. Simply click and drag the room to the size you want and the blueprint design CAD software will automatically update the measurements.


  • Drag and drop symbols: You no longer need to be an artist. With our home blueprint software for contractors, you have access to a symbol database that you simply click and drag to where the symbols need to be, labeling each room efficiently and effortlessly.


  • Generate blueprints automatically: Once the design is complete, you simply click a button and you have a workable blueprint in seconds. All in the same program you designed in.


Beyond any doubt, this blueprint design CAD software will put you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition. Call us today to get your program and start working while your competitors spend countless hours designing.