Design Software For Home Builders

How can your design software for home builders help you convert prospects into clients? In today’s competitive construction marketplace, you need something that will set you apart from the others, especially if you are working at higher-end residences.

You need the support of a design software for contractors that can bring robust technology right to your fingertips without requiring a computer science degree. When you are ready to advance your business using the tech tools of the future, it is time to check out Digital Canal’s software for home builders.

Our wrap-around software packages provide you with design support through the program Design Expert — and we also support your estimating needs with BidBuilder. Instead of managing several different computer programs, why not go to a one-stop-shop with Digital Canal’s high-quality options? Let us show you the ease of use that can simplify your construction design efforts.

Design software for home builders — not just architects and designers

At Digital Canal, we know that design-build is one of the more attractive methods of project delivery in today’s construction market. This process can make construction easier for the client because they have only one central point of contact, and it can also streamline the design and construction process.

When you are managing the entire endeavor, you need tech you can trust — you need design software for contractors that helps you communicate with your clients, subcontractors and vendors. Design Expert delivers those capabilities. Our easy-to-use software allows for:


  •    Quick, easy 2D and 3D modeling
  •    Reliable materials lists, thanks to large databases of materials and manufacturers
  •    Advanced quote generators
  •    Automatic blueprint creation
  •    And other features that improve accuracy and speed for your construction documents


You depend on accurate, precise construction documents and you need the technology that can streamline your design workflow. Design Expert is the modern design software for home builders that can deliver all that — and more. Ready to give us a test drive? A no-cost trial is just a click away. Contact us now to learn more!


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