Design Software For Commercial Contractors

How can the right design software for commercial contractors support your building efforts? At Digital Canal, we know how frustrating it can be to find the right design software for builders.

You want an easy-to-use platform that delivers high-quality renderings and construction documents that you can reliably interpret in the field. You also want tech solutions that benefit your client and your employees — but where can you find the right fit?

Instead of bouncing from platform to platform, or, worse, using outdated technology that compromises efficiency, why not consider SolidBuilder from Digital Canal? Our software offers a variety of price points to suit your needs, providing design support for architects, designers, contractors and even lumber yards. When you need comprehensive software for commercial contractors, you need the team at SolidBuilder.


You might already use Excel — but an upgrade to design software for commercial contractors can save you in the long run!

How much time do you spend manually entering materials lists and quantities into Excel spreadsheets? Or, how many times have you had major mistakes on the job because someone keyed a decimal in the wrong place?

If this has happened to you even once, that counts as “too many times.” By using Excel and other basic, low-tech programs to track your project management, you are risking major errors. Instead of manually keying in data, why not consider our design software for builders?

The advantage of a more comprehensive design software option is easy to see — it all lies in the automation. If you are using SolidBuilder, our system captures your design and materials, automatically creating lists of materials and quantities with our massive information database. This takes the guesswork out of ordering and supply chains, giving you the confidence to know that you are procuring the right amount of all construction materials.

Save time, money and energy — and get the peace of mind you deserve — with more sophisticated design software for commercial contractors. Ready to take a test drive on our platform? A no-cost trial is just a single click away. Get started with a more advanced design program and start realizing cost savings immediately. Contact us today to learn more.




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