Custom Building Construction Software

Cut hours off your design phase immediately out of the box when you purchase Digital Canal’s custom building software for contractors. What our developers have found after researching with clients is that when you automate the mundane tasks, designing can become enjoyable once again.

That’s what we have created Design Expert to do. No matter the technical expertise of the user, our building construction programs for contractors will make your job easier.

Streamline the design process with Design Expert

With Design Expert by Digital Canal, several tasks that would normally take hours away from your design time now only take a few clicks of the mouse. With our custom construction software, you get:

  • Automatic roof generation: This means that once you have completed the base design of the home with our building software programs for contractors, you are able to automatically create a roof over your design. This includes being able to convert the hips into gables at your desire.


  • Automatic dimensioning: With our custom building software for contractors, you will see the dimensions of a room change automatically as you drag the layout in and out. This keeps you from having to re-figure the room’s square footage when you change the design


  • Automatic blueprints: Perhaps the most enticing, and lucrative, feature of our building construction programs for contractors is the ability to instantly create workable blueprints with just the click of a mouse. This will eliminate the need for days and weeks spent creating the blueprints, getting you on the job faster and saving you money.


Automation is the key to unlocking bolstered profitability. We want our custom building software for contractors to eliminate the need for hours upon hours of mundane calculating and to get you back to what you enjoy best — constructing. To make more money and have fun while doing it, call us today or submit our information request form on our site. We will answer any questions that arise and get you completely set up.