Contractor Building VR Design Software

Have you tried Design Expert, the premier contractor building design software currently available? This innovative digital tool was designed by building professionals, addressing the concerns and needs that our colleagues encounter within their work every single day.

The result of those efforts is our contractor design programs that help streamline the process of designing and building your next project — whether you’re building an entire structure or remodeling a home or commercial facility.


Bring efficiency to the way your business operates

In the building industry, it can be easy to become backlogged with projects. Soon, you find that you’re spending more time on tedious work and less time doing what you’re most talented at — building!

With our contractor VR design software, building professionals of all levels are able to save time and money through a variety of ways:

  • First and foremost, designing a project has never been easier — it takes minutes! With a drag-and-drop interface and database of pre-loaded objects and setups, you are able to create a project from the ground up.


  • Thanks to the True Build technology of our contractor building design software, you are able to identify, and weed out, any errors in your design. This means you won’t be in for any unwanted surprises on the job site.


  •  Our contractor design programs can seamlessly execute takeoffs and populate a list of materials that will reduce, or eliminate, project waste.


  •  Bring more money in by securing more bids. It can be tough to keep up on proposals — let along sinking the time and energy into making those proposals great. With Design Expert, you can give clients a look at a 3D model of a finished project, or even treat them to a virtual reality tour, so that they can see exactly what you’re capable of.


The right contractor building design software can enhance the way that you do business. Design Expert has done this for scores of clients already and we’re ready to do the same for you. Get started on your free trial!


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