Contractor Blueprint Drafting Software

Accurate, precise blueprints are essential for an efficient building project, and with Digital Canal’s contractor drafting software, you can have the peace of mind that you and your team are well prepared for your project.

Digital Canal is proud to offer Design Expert, a digital resource that streamlines many processes, such as:

  •    Designing your project down to the smallest detail
  •    Generating accurate, buildable blueprints based off of those designs
  •    Blueprint drafting for contractors
  •    Providing 3D renderings for potential clients so they can gain a visual
  •    Populating a list of needed materials
  •    Advanced framing options
  •    And more

Instead of relying on third party contractor blueprint drafting services, you can handle all phases of your project – from design to nailing in the final board — in-house, thus, saving you both time and money.


Our contractor drafting software was design by fellow building professionals

There are some digital solutions available on the market that offer blueprint drafting for contractors — but not all of them were created by men and women that know the industry best. Here at Digital Canal, we wanted to create a truly game-changing solution that helped building professionals create detailed, accurate plans while better serving their clients in the process.

Design Expert was designed with your construction small business in mind. We know that you are overworked and have a million things to do. So, we created a solution that frees up your time without skimping on the quality of your work.

With our software, you are able to better serve your existing clients while drafting up some eye-popping proposals for potential clients and winning over their bids.


Give Design Expert a try

We have a few versions of Design Expert available. We can talk to you more about what you’re using it for and then suggest a version that is best for you. See why many construction professionals are calling Design Expert the most innovative contractor drafting software.


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