Construction Drafting Programs Software

Creating magnificent homes and wonderful structures has never been as easy as it is with the construction drafting software for contractors by Digital Canal. SolidBuilder, along with the built-in framework dubbed “Building Blocks,” is perhaps the easiest to use program available on the market.

In addition, the training that is included with the purchase our software makes it the best drafting programs for building contractors you can buy.

Minimize the learning curve

Included in the core program, Building Blocks, is a design wizard that walks the user through every step of the design process. This makes it possible for a novice user to open the package and begin using our construction software for building contractors immediately. With this built in assistant, our software has basically zero learning curve.

Digital Canal also provides free training videos with the purchase of our construction drafting programs software. These videos will walk you through every detail and every feature that is built into the program.

Additional support is readily available

In addition to the videos and built-in assistant, when you purchase our construction drafting software for contractors, you will have access to two additional lines of free support. These include:

  • Phone support: Anytime you have a question, and the videos aren’t able to help, you have the ability to call our team for assistance. When you call, you will be speaking directly with the same developers who created the program. What better way to hash out a problem than with the creator?


  • Share your screen with our team: If our developers aren’t able to get you going on the phone, they can remotely access your computer and walk you through the drafting programs for building contractors.

If you are deciding whether to purchase our construction drafting software for contractors, we want you to know that we will fully support every client and give you the help you need to make our software work for you. If you wish to speak with a representative, call us today and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.