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Commercial Architectural Building Software

If your building or construction company needs commercial architectural design software, SolidBuilder by Digital Canal is the tool for you. Like never before, our design suite software has the tools your company needs to land more contracts while streamlining your bidding and project design processes.

With our commercial building design software, you are able to save time and money will performing more precise and accurate work!

Limitless design options

When you are using SolidBuilder by Digital Canal, you are truly getting an all-in-one design software. While other design programs limit you to a set design or pre-design formats, SolidBuilder allows your imagination to guide you. Your client doesn’t want “cookie-cutter” building. With our commercial design programs, they’ll see exactly what they want.

Commercial architectural design software that is easy to learn

With SolidBuilder, you don’t need a degree in programming to make it work. In fact, between the built-in tutorials and the amazing technical support we offer, you’ll have SolidBuilder working for you in no time. With SolidBuilder, you can:

  • Create an entire commercial building design in minutes with our large database of features
  • Create estimates faster than using a digitizer
  • Expertly design sophisticated, one-of-a-kind features your client has requested.

Experience True Build technology

Many design programs allow you to design anything you want, regardless if it is feasible or not. With our commercial building design software, you won’t be able to design if it can’t actually be built. This helps save you countless build hours and design time.

Commercial projects are finally starting to take off again, with many contractors bidding on a single project. With the commercial architectural design software by Digital Canal, you can make your proposal stand out. For more information or inquiries, call us today. Speak directly with the creators and see how this software can be put to work for you.


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