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CAD House Planning Designers Software

Since it was first designed, SolidBuilder has been the go-to program for CAD designer software for contractors. Built by contractors with the sole desire of making you better at your job, the developers at Digital Canal have poured years of experience into the making of this program.

Perhaps their dedication and desire is what has caused SolidBuilder to be the best among CAD house planning programs for residential contractors.

No detail spared

The amount of detail put into the development of this house designers software for residential contractors has provided the tools necessary for our clients to succeed. The flexibility of this program, along with its versatility to be used on any project, has provided you with an invaluable tool that will give you a return on your investment immediately out of the box.

Harness 3D BIM technology

Most CAD house design software programs will focus on the architectural side of the design rather than the construction side. SolidBuilder has the ability to do both. With the true build technology that is designed into the program, you cannot design something that can’t be built. This feature in the CAD designer software for contractors allows you to:

  • Eliminate frustrating changes on the work-site
  • Reduce waste from having to tear down unstable structures
  • Puts money back in your pocket by time and materials saved

Design every aspect of the build

Since our CAD house planning programs for residential contractors is meant to be the only program you need, we have made it so that you can design every aspect of your build. From the HVAC systems, to plumbing and wiring, you can create the plans all-in-one, simple-to-use software.

Our CAD designer software for contractors can be added to your toolbox and will quickly become the most valuable asset to your team. Get it today by calling us or submitting our request form. Our builders will get with you and answer any questions you may have.