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CAD Construction Software For Contractors

Not all CAD construction software for contractors are equal. You need to utilize software that accounts for the specific needs of construction professionals. This is exactly what you get with Digital Canal.

Our team of construction professionals have developed CAD software for residential contractors that addresses the unique challenges of day-to-day operation. How do we know what those challenges are? We’ve lived them. After our time and experience in the field, we designed software to help streamline what were once time-consuming, tedious processes.


Benefits of our CAD software for commercial contractors

Digital Canal features SolidBuilder and Building Blocks as our CAD software for contractors. Here is a little bit of information about these industry-leading, digital solutions.

  • Minimal learning curve: Our CAD construction software for contractors requires a minimal learning curve so you can start utilizing SolidBuilder and Building Blocks right away. The estimated time to master the software is only about two hours and we provide great support for the clients that use our solutions.


  • Accuracy guaranteed: Our CAD software for residential contractors offers a very easy-to-use interface, which is programmed to provide supreme accuracy.


  • Everything is buildable: SolidBuilder will not let you design something that isn’t buildable in the field. This helps cut down on changes mid-project and a lot of wasted time and materials.


  • Takeoffs: With Digital Canal’s CAD software, you can quickly execute takeoffs with supreme accuracy, ensuring that your materials list is efficient and won’t have you buying too much or too little.


Our CAD construction software for contractors makes the process of designing and planning your projects quick and efficient, meaning you can submit more bids and, hopefully, receive more business. Harness the latest and greatest technology by talking to the team at Digital Canal and getting more information about our services and solutions.