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CAD Construction Building Software

SolidBuilder, the CAD construction building software by Digital Canal, is quickly changing the way contractors design and submit proposals. When submitting job proposals, the more in-depth information you are able to submit, the more likely you are to land the job.

The problem with this comes when other software suites take countless hours to use. Digital Canal is making the process faster while enhancing your abilities.

Create stunning 3D renderings

Some design programs only provide a bird’s eye view, allowing your client to only see a 2D representation of your design. Our CAD construction software for contractors allows you to see an entire 3D visualization of every aspect of the design.

Need to see the framing design up close? With SolidBuilder, that’s not a problem. Does your client want a complete walkthrough of the project to see how each feature of the building or home looks before accepting your bid? You can easily make this happen without any special programming on your end.

Automatically create buildable blueprints

Gone are the days where you had to manually create blueprints. Now, with our CAD building software for contractors, you can create your blueprint with the touch of a button. Blueprints for each aspect of the build is created and generated for your viewing and printing needs, just as if you had created them yourself.

Prevent costly worksite errors

When you put our CAD construction building software to work for you, the program’s close attention to detail allows you to prevent costly mistakes and avoid hours of redesigns.

Besides keeping track of the materials you will need as you build, our CAD construction software for contractors allows you to generate a material cut list, giving you exact cuts for the project. This prevents mistakes, even by workers who have not been technically trained.

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