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Builder VR Design Software

If you’re a building professional of any kind, advanced builder VR design software can help streamline the process of designing and preparing for a project. A process that once took days, if not weeks, can now move along much quicker without compromising accuracy.

SolidBuilder is the solution. SolidBuilder is one of the leading builder design programs currently on the market and was developed by the knowledgeable, experienced staff at Digital Canal. You can trust that Digital Canal has created useful tools for building professionals because our staff is also filled with building professionals.

We know the struggles that our colleagues face on a daily basis and we know what they need in VR design software for building contractors to make their lives a lot easier and much more profitable. We’re ready to share SolidBuilder with you!


Build a project from the ground up with our builder VR design software

Whether you’re renovating a couple rooms of a home or building a house form the ground up, SolidBuilder helps with every phase. From its advanced framing and panelizing capabilities to empowering users with a drag-and-drop interface and database of pre-loaded objects and set-up, designing has never been easier.

After designing your project in SolidBuilder, you can then export the design into buildable blueprints. SolidBuilder even allows you to populate an accurate materials list so that you are able to control expenses by ordering the exact quantity of lumber and more.


‘Wow’ your potential clients with our builder design programs

You’re not the only one that will benefit from SolidBuilder. With its 2D and 3D modeling, in addition to its virtual reality capabilities, both potential and current clients can take a vivid look at the project and offer feedback that will help you perfect the design.

This is truly builder VR design software that streamlines the design and build process and we want to show you what it’s all about with a free trial!


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