Builder Design Virtual Reality Software

Be prepared for your next construction project by harnessing the power of the leading builder virtual reality software. What if you could easily build your project right on a computer screen before even picking up a single tool or building material?

With Digital Canal and our builder design VR software, you can do exactly that. Design Expert is a digital resource that we have designed to help our clients design, build, and get a vivid visualization for, their projects. With this design virtual reality software, building a project is as simple as clicking and dragging objects around the screen.


Do I have to start the process over when it comes time to actually build?

This is the big concern that most professionals have when it comes to builder virtual reality software. They might like the capabilities of the software, and how their project looks on the computer screen, but they’re worried about those results translating to the field.

With Design Expert as your builder design VR software, not only can you get a vivid look at your finished project, but you can actually export that design and create workable blueprints. Thanks to our True Build technology, Design Expert only allows you to design protects that you can physically build out in the field. You don’t have to worry about major design errors, over- or under-ordering materials and other relatively common issues.


A tool made for builders, by builders

You can trust that Design Expert is the preeminent digital tool for building professionals because it was designed by construction professionals. The team at Digital Canal knows the challenges and time-consuming tasks that come with designing a project. We have worked to remedy each and everyone of them with our easy-to-learn software.

Take our builder virtual reality software for a test drive! Connect with a member of Digital Canal and we’ll provide you with a free trial or demo of Design Expert. We’d also love to talk to you about our many other services and solutions.


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