Blueprint Drafting Drawing Software

Finding the right blueprint drafting software will have a direct effect on your speed and efficiency as a building professional. Leveraging modern technology for this very important design and planning phase of your project is essential.


As one of the leading blueprint drawing programs for builders, Design Expert can empower you to handle this important work of your project instead of having to outsource it elsewhere. Through Design Expert, you are able to design your project quickly and efficiently thanks to a user-friendly interface and database filled with pre-loaded objects and set-ups.

All you have to focus on is creating your project to your exact specifications and the specifications of your clients. Our blueprint software for builders does the rest.


Generate buildable blueprints quickly with Design Expert’s Quick Prints feature

After you have designed your project, you can convert your design into a 2D or 3D model. Design Expert even enables virtual reality capabilities — you and your potential clients can take a tour through your finished project before a single nail has been pounded!

On top of that, you can quickly export your finished project into a blueprint. As precise, accurate blueprint drafting software, you can trust that these blueprints will be free of problems and errors that can jeopardize your project.


Get a free trial of Design Expert — see how it will change the way you do business

Thousands of building professionals and contractors agree that Design Expert is one of the premier blueprint drawing programs for builders — and we want you to experience it for yourself.

You can connect with Digital Canal to schedule your free trial of Design Expert. If you love it, and want to utilize it within your daily operations, our team will make sure to properly train you on how to most effectively leverage its benefits. Thank you for choosing Digital Canal and our blueprint drafting software!


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