Blueprint Design Software Programs

Go from a beautiful design to a buildable blueprint with ease with Digital Canal’s blueprint design software for construction contractors. You can rest assured that your blueprint will have the same information required for blueprints you would get from any architect.

With this blueprint software for building contractors, your process is streamlined, saving you money and valuable time.

Ability to modify the blueprint

Though you will have the option for automatic blueprints with our blueprint design programs for contractors, you will also be able to modify the blueprint to fit your specific needs. This gives you the ability to:


  •    Add notes for your builders that will print directly on the blueprint
  •    Add extra dimensions, if needed
  •    Fit the blueprint to your building style


After all, each contractor is different. That’s why every option of our design for programs for building contractors is fully customizable.

Detailed takeoffs

Along with the precise blueprints of your design, this blueprint design software for construction contractors gives you the ability to generate accurate takeoffs. This means that you can effortlessly generate a detailed rundown of every piece of material that will be used in the project.

Every board will be listed, along with its precise dimensions. When you use this blueprint software for building contractors, you can hire even the most unskilled workers and have the assurance that they will know exactly the cuts to make, saving you money in unnecessary mistakes.


Try Digital Canal’s design software for building contractors

What used to take countless hours to perform now only takes a few clicks of the mouse with our blueprint design software for construction contractors. SolidBuilder will give you an excellent return on your investment as soon as you open the box. To find out more about Digital Canal products, give us a call and let our developers find the right match for you. Jumpstart your business and keep your clients happy starting today.