Blueprint CAD Software Programs

Having dedicated blueprint CAD software for contractors is no longer reserved only for the mega companies. Now, with Design Expert by Digital Canal, even the smallest of contractors can have the benefit of a detailed and accurate tool. You’ll love seeing a surge in your clientele when they see how professional your designs are by using our CAD programs for residential contractors.


One tool for every project

Whether you are working on a new deck for your clients or fully renovating a home, our blueprint software for commercial contractors can get the job done. Its versatility is one of the top reasons why Design Expert has become the industry leading software.


Built-in design wizard

Our blueprint CAD software programs were developed by some of the top builders in the industry. Since they work in the field themselves, they understand what makes a program the best.

In an effort to vault Design Expert over the competition, we have built in a design wizard that will, if you need it, walk you through the entire design process. With this design wizard in our blueprint CAD software for contractors, you can:

  •   Automatically create multi-story structures
  •   Create a room with just a few clicks of the mouse
  •   Create a foundation, selecting which material you wish to use
  •   Select from pre-existing layouts, or decide to go solo from the ground up


With the built-in wizard, anybody can use our CAD programs for residential contractors, regardless of their skills with computers.

No matter what you are setting out to build, Design Expert by Digital Canal is the best blueprint CAD software for contractors available on the market. If you aren’t convinced, or have questions you would like our developers to answer, simply give us a call or you can submit our online request form.


We will gladly address any concerns you have and give you a full demonstration to allow you to see how Design Expert can work for you.