BIM Design Software For Builders

Design Expert is a powerful digital solution for construction professionals looking for BIM design software for builders. When you’re heading into a building project, you’re going to want all the information needed to create an air-tight plan.

The last thing you want is to find out when you’re in the field that a portion of your plan isn’t feasible due to a design error. You want to know that your plans are accurate, precise and ready to be executed on. And, that’s where Digital Canal and our BIM software for architectural design comes in handy.


Welcome to Design Expert — one of the most innovative BIM design programs for builders

What if you could test the build-ability of your project before purchasing a single material or walking on to the job site? That’s the dream for any construction professional, and Digital Canal has made it a reality with our BIM design software for builders.


Design Expert offers a few different versions that progressively offers more advanced features. However, Design Expert at its very core allows users to:

  •   Design their projects on the computer screens
  •   Export the plans to workable blueprints
  •   Generate 3D visualizations
  •   And, more

You can add advanced framing options, wall and floor panel drawings and other features, too. With our BIM software for architectural design in your arsenal of tools, you are able to not only test the build-ability of your projects before your team hits the field, but you can also generate professional proposals for potential clients and handle many of the other tedious tasks that stand in your way of doing what you do best — building!


Keeping your building projects moving smoothly

Few things can hurt your business more than costly mistakes out in the field. Be prepared for your building projects with the leading BIM design software for builders. Try a free trial of Design Expert and experience the benefits for yourself.


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