AutoCAD Architecture Software Programs

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Thanks to Digital Canal, autoCAD software for construction contractors has never been easier and more accessible. We have developed and provide construction professionals with design software that streamlines this entire process while ensuring accuracy and functionality in the process.

Our autoCAD architecture programs for contractors is easy-to-use. This means that you can get designing on it right away. This usability stems from a number of factors.

  • Built-in assistance: All the questions you might have about our architecture software for contractors is available right in the interface. This comes with a built-in, virtual assistance that lays out the step-by-step designing process.
  • Free demonstrations: Some companies offer free trials of their autoCAD program for contractors — but what good is a trial if you don’t know what you are doing? With our free demonstrations, you are able to see the software in action and experience first-hand how it streamlines the design process.
  • Help from our support staff: Our autoCAD software for construction contractors, along with our full suite of other high-tech tools and solutions, come with unlimited, toll-free support from our team. We even offer remote desktop access, so one of our reps can share a computer screen and help you resolve your problems right away.

Digital Canal has developed autoCAD architecture programs for contractors that focuses on the actual construction of your project, and not just the architectural design. Our software does not let you design anything that you can’t actually build in the field.

This provides you with a design that you are able to analyze, perfect and put to use, thus saving you time, energy and money.


See our autoCAD programs for contractors in action

Digital Canal welcomes you to schedule a time for a free demonstration of our autoCAD software for construction contractors. All of our solutions were designed by construction experts, for contractors and subcontractors. This mean effective solutions to solve real problems that you face in the industry.

The difference between SolidBuilder Design Software and our BidBuilder Estimating Software is all about what you are required to perform for your prospect …

If you are creating the design and blueprints, then SolidBuilder Design Software will create a takeoff from your design as you design it.

BidBuilder estimating software is used when you are NOT designing. BidBuilder is used when you are asked to bid a project based on blue prints / plan drawings.

Our Estimating Software (BidBuilder) provides the ability to digitally perform a takeoff (point and click on the plan) and create a professional estimate straight from a set of plans. To see how our Estimating Software works and view Reports, Proposals and more sample output click Continue below.