AutoCAD Architectural Software Programs

Design more accurately and efficiently with AutoCAD architectural software for contractors. Digital Canal offers an industry-leading product in building software.

These are AutoCAD architectural programs for construction that allow you to design homes and commercial structures that can be built out in the field. That’s right — this architectural software for construction contractors focuses on both the architectural and the construction side. You can’t design anything that can’t be built out in the field.

This limits the potential for mistakes and helps you preserve your time and materials, which all lead to greater profitability.


Why construction professionals rely on our AutoCAD architectural software programs

Digital Canal’s team consists of construction professionals that wanted to develop software that streamlines the tedious, time-consuming processes involved with projects. This is software that was developed by builders, for builders. Many of our clients implement AutoCAD architectural software for contractors for both simple and complex projects.

With our AutoCAD architectural programs for construction, you are able to design your project with 3D modeling right on the computer screen. Making changes and analyzing the effectiveness of your design is easy.

From there, you can break down this design and generate workable blueprints that are precise and accurate. You can create takeoffs within 1 percent of your “as built” quantity to reduce waste and cushion your bottom line.


Digital Canal makes designing easy

Design software is utilized by a wide range of construction professionals due to its ease, flexibility, and accuracy. With the time you save and the service you are able to offer potential clients, you will most certainly win on more bids and start generating more revenue.


Talk to Digital Canal about our AutoCAD architectural software for contractors or view our demonstration videos to see them in action.