Architectural Design Drawing Software

Finally, architectural design programs for building contractors that were created by construction professionals are here to make your life a lot easier. We are Digital Canal, and our team is comprised of knowledgeable and experienced construction professionals.

We have worked hard to develop architectural drawing software for contractors that streamlines the design process for them. With Design Expert  — our industry-leading software — you are able to reap some of the following benefits.

  • Accuracy: The design process was once time-consuming and tedious because one mistake made in this phase could derail an entire project. With Digital Canal and our design software for building contractors, we have done all the hard work already. Our program is easy to use and yields complete accuracy.
  • 3D modeling: Our drawing programs for building contractors also offers 3D modeling, which brings a project to life. With 3D modeling and photo realistic renderings, you are able to make appropriate changes and get a vivid look at the finished project so you are ultimately prepared when it comes time to build.
  • Framing takeoffs: With Design Expert as your architectural design programs for building contractors, you are able to execute quick framing takeoffs and generate accurate framing and material lists. This reduces wasted materials and keeps unneeded expenses in check.

Digital Canal makes architectural drawing software for contractors affordable and it pays for itself nearly instantly.

See the software in action

Digital Canal works with over 11,000 construction professionals around the country and even the world. Design Expert and our many other solutions have brought efficiency, productivity and increased revenue to their operations.

You can reap those same benefits. Get started by consulting with the Digital Canal team and see a free demonstration of our architectural design programs for building contractors.