3D Home Builders Designers Software

To give your clients a walk-through of their new home before the first board is even nailed, you can use Design Expert, a 3D home design software for contractors. Created by Digital Canal, your clients will love the ability to see their new home before they agree to any contracts. This will make them feel more at ease when using you as their builder.

Is it truly 3D?

You’ll feel like you are in a video game as you walk your client through their new front door in your 3D design programs for contractors. The client will be able to see exactly what each aspect of the home will look like and make changes if they desire.

Change the design easily

With this home builder’s software for contractors, you never have to cringe when your client talks about changing the design. While still on the design screen, our 3D home designer’s software programs will allow you to click and drag layouts to update them. You can even add doors and windows with just the click of the mouse.

Automatic changes to reports

When changes are made to the design, the 3D home design software for contractors will automatically update the reports to show the changes. The automatically updated reports include:

  • Cut list: When you make changes with the home builders software for contractors, the program will automatically update the material report and change what cuts need to be made.
  • Build time: When used in sync with our project management tools, changes to the design will automatically reflect on your schedule.
  • Home dimension: Because of the software’s click-and-drag interface, the home’s size will update as you change the design.

Your clients will return for future projects and send you more business when they see the care and attention you put in the design of their home. Viewing the project in the 3D home design software for contractors will fuel their excitement for the end result. To build that excitement, order your program today by calling us or ordering it online and getting an immediate download.