3D Architecture Software Programs

You won’t need an architecture degree to design buildable dream homes using Digital Canal’s 3D architecture software for contractors. With a learning curve of just a couple of hours, you’ll be taking a design from the start of the foundation to the peak of the roof in no time.

The best part is that you can look like a professional when doing it with our 3D architecture software programs.

Generate professional and accurate estimates

As you design in SolidBuilder, this 3D architecture software for residential contractors will automatically create your estimates. Using information that you input, such as labor and material cost, you can have a professional estimate with just a few clicks.

These estimates are also accurate, allowing you to know exactly how much material you will need. Our 3D architecture programs for commercial contractors will take it a step further and give you a detailed cut list. This means that you will be able to look at the report and know what materials need to be cut and how. This solution allows even an unskilled worker to work error free.

Fully moveable design

Within our 3D architecture software for contractors, you will have complete control over viewing of the design. This means you can twist and turn to view the home from every angle. In addition, you can zoom in and see the finest of details on the home.


Take advantage of our pre-installed  layouts

To make your job easier, we have included pre-designed layouts in our 3D architecture software for residential contractors. These are still fully customizable but can give your clients ideas if they need some.

Overall, SolidBuilder has the most features available in any 3D architecture software for contractors. This gives it the ability to provide you with a return on your investment immediately out of the box. Try it today by giving us a call or watching our demonstration videos. We are available to answer all of your questions and, as always, our support continues after your purchase.