Wall Panel Design

When it comes to finding the right wall panel design software, accuracy is king. Digital Canal delivers this key element — and so much more — with our innovative digital designing solutions.

Many contractors around the country utilize SolidBuilder and Building Blocks as their wall panel framing software of choice. With these design programs, you can design everything from an entire home to planning out your wall paneling project with supreme efficiency and accuracy.

With this wall panelization software, you can trust that you will:

  • Have accurate, buildable blueprints for the job: The True Build technology that is engrained into our programs is something that professionals truly value about our wall panel software for contractors. You can’t design anything in Solid Builder or Building Blocks that you can’t make come alive out in the field. The designs created by our wall panel design software can be immediately exported into workable blueprints.


  • Know the right quantity of supplies to purchase: Contractors often find their financial bottom lines shrinking during the supply purchasing portion of the project. However, with our wall panel framing software, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your list of needed supplies will be dialed in, leaving you with little to no waste.


SolidBuilder and Building Blocks is truly revolutionary wall panel design software for contractors. It’s easy to use, and because of the modest price point, it pays for itself almost immediately.

Digital Canal also backs up these cutting-edge programs with reliable customer service. We don’t just leave you to fend for yourself — we have responsive, United States-based representatives that are ready to walk you through your problem.

Get a free demo of SolidBuilder and Building Blocks and what it can do as your wall panel design software. Talk to the team here at Digital Canal right away.

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