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Q. What is Digital Takeoff?
A. Digital Takeoff is a Visual (on your computer monitor) electronic takeoff software interface- that IS the future of takeoffs in the construction industry. No more bulky and expensive digitizers are required to do your takeoffs twice as fast. Everything is done on your computer monitor by clicking with your mouse. Its fast, its easy and its less expensive than a digitizer! Cad files automatically transfer into the software, paper drawings can be scanned, or plan room files may be used or digital photographs can be taken with an inexpensive camera and Digital Takeoff's intelligence will be sure you scale it correctly.

Q. Why should I use Digital Takeoff?
A. The reasons that most clients purchase Digital Takeoff are:

  1. Speed – Digital Takeoff enables you to estimate a plan even more automatically by clicking on the drawing with your mouse and automatically calculating quantities with no additional mouse clicks.
  2. Visual Assistance – Digital Takeoff provides a 2D and 3D graphic of the project so you can see any areas you may have missed. It also colors the areas that have already been taken off; if it's colored, it's been counted
  3. Digitizers remain very popular and work well with BidBuilder estimating software. However, Digital Takeoff is growing because it is less expensive, does not require more desk space, provides the same benefits as a digitizer and the world is becoming more digital as time passes.

Q. What type of file formats does Digital Takeoff support?
A. Digital Takeoff software supports 80 file formats including .pdf, .jpg, .tif. , gif. , CAD files, scanned images, digital pictures, plan room files, etc., so we have you covered. With a few simple mouse clicks you will be able to set the scale of your plan, measure lengths, areas, volumes, counts, pitched roof areas, rafter lengths, etc. That's fast.

Q. Does Digital Takeoff have layer capabilities?
A. Absolutely. Digital Takeoff supports layers and each layer can have its own pattern, color, etc. so you don't lose anything in the data. In addition, the Data Form displays all pertinent quantities along with 2D and 3D views so you can do a Visual check of your job as well.

Q. What do I need to take digital pictures of plans? 
A. Digital Camera's are very inexpensive compared to a Digitizer and you can use any digital camera. However, the larger the mega pixel number the camera can handle, the better because the picture clarity is then higher as well. The best resolution for importing into Digital Takeoff is 8 mega pixel or higher. Typically a 3 mega pixel cameral will create a resolution of 2048 X 1536, a 5 mega pixel will create a resolution of 2560 X 1920 and an 8 mega pixel will create a resolution of 3264 X 2448. The lower resolutions will work with Digital Takeoff, but the higher the resolution the better for software to operate with because the picture maintains more clarity.

Q. Can I use Digital Takeoff with other programs?
A. Yes. Digital Takeoff can export the values to virtually any spreadsheet or database program and can be purchased without BidBuilder.

Q. Will Digital Takeoff work with a scanner?
A. Yes. Some clients are having their blue print company – or even Copy Works, or Kinko's – scan in blue prints and email these files to the contractor’s computer back in the office. Once they get back to the office they are set to begin clicking in the plan with their mouse and getting they’re takeoff completed quickly. And, of course, if you have a scanner or purchase one you can use that as well.