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Zero Learning Curve
If you can click your mouse, then you can use Building Blocks right out of the box.

Building Blocks Assistant 
The Building Blocks Assistant steps you through the design process reducing your learning curve to almost nothing!  It’s so easy a technological “caveman” can easily create designs in a matter of minutes!

Automatic Roof Generator 
Building Blocks automatically generates an ‘all-hipped’ roof over your design footprint, with the ability to change hips into gables with two clicks. The feature takes all the roof design work away leaving you with an accurate, buildable roof.

Multiple story designs 
With Building Blocks you can create multiple story designs easily.  Simply specify the number of stories and the wizard will walk you through the rest.

Advanced stair options
Building Blocks gives you tremendous flexibility when creating stairs.  With the ability to create straight, ‘L’ shaped, and ‘U’ shaped stairs, you will easily find the right set of stairs to fit your design.

Automatic dimensioning
With automatic dimensioning you will see dimensions update as you make changes to your plan.   Need to adjust a room size?  Simply drag the room to the desired size and watch your dimensions update.

Click and drag room layouts
Building Blocks allows you to drag your rooms around the design to configure the house layout.  This feature saves you hours of work drawing individual walls as well as provides an impressive tool when working with your client on their design.

Click and drag wall modifications
This feature allows modification of a wall length or positioning by simply clicking and dragging.  Need to make a wall longer?  No problem, simply grip the wall and drag to the desired length.

Drag & drop symbols
Drag & drop symbols lets you insert numerous symbols in a matter of minutes.  Simply choose the desired symbol from the database, and then drop that symbol into the desired location. It is that easy.

Easy to place openings
Placing openings in Building Blocks is extremely easy.  Simply specify the opening size, then drag and drop the opening to the desired location.  You will notice the dimensions update as you move the opening. 

Automatic blueprints
After you have your Building Blocks design complete, simply click any of the Blueprints buttons and Building Blocks generates your blueprints in seconds. 

Easily adjust hip roofs to gable roofs
Building Blocks will automatically place a roof over your design, but it doesn’t stop there. If you would prefer a gabled end instead of a hip, simply specify which end you want gabled and Building Blocks will do the rest for you. 

Automatic section drawings
With Building Blocks you specify where you would like to cut a section view from your model.  After you specify the location, Building Blocks automatically creates the drawing for you. 

Quickly and accurately generate takeoffs in Building Blocks. Building Blocks generatesACCURATE lumber counts as well as helpful square footages and cubic footages.

Automatically insert dormers in your design. After specifying a few dormer specs, Building Blocks generates a dormer for you to place at the desired location.

Greek Returns
Easily change the appearance of your design by inserting Greek Returns. In a matter of 3 clicks, insert full or partial Greek Returns.

Bay Bump-outs
Insert bay bump-outs into your design as part of your layout. Building Blocks automatically computes the correct bay roof based on the dimensions.

Finished Basements
The Building Blocks assistant will walk you through completing a finished basement. This is a great way up sell your client with only minutes of work.

Easily insert decks into your design. After specifying a deck size and stair location, Building Blocks will generate all the components saving you valuable time on each plan.

Stepped Down Foundations 
Easily create stepped down foundations in a matter of clicks. After specifying the step heights and number of steps, Building Blocks automatically converts a full concrete wall into a stepped down foundation wall.

Slab Foundations
Building Blocks creates a slab on grade foundation in a matter of only a couple of mouse clicks.

Residential Details
Easily insert any of the Building Blocks pre- drawn Residential Details into your blueprints to help you get permits faster saving time and money.

Block Options
Block Options give you the ability to draw something once, and save it for use in future plans. This feature alone can save you hours per job. These Block Options can also help you to sell more higher profit options.


Q: How long is the learning curve?
A: With Building Block technology, there is literally no learning curve. The Building Block Wizard combined with its user friendly features allows the user to start designing a project right out of the box.

Q. Is Building Blocks capable of 2 story houses?
A: Yes, Building Blocks allows you to specify the number of stories you would like in your design. The Building Blocks Wizard will adjust for the number of stories you specify.

Q. Will Building Blocks allow me to specify how I plan to build?
A: Yes, the Construction Settings inside the Building Blocks Wizard allows you to specify information such as wall widths, wall heights, roof slope, and foundation type.

Q. Does Building Blocks have symbols already loaded in the program?
A: Yes, Building Blocks comes preloaded with many common symbols. There are Kitchen, Bath, Interior, and Cabinets preloaded in the database.

Q. Can I modify the Automatic Blueprints?
A: Yes, Building Blocks provides you with automatic Blueprints, but they can be modified to fit your application. You can modify the design as well as modify the blueprint itself such as adding extra notes, dimensions, or details

Q. Can I specify where I would like to cut my section view from?
A: Yes, Building Blocks gives you the ability to specify where you would like to cut your section from as well as specify what half you would like to view. Building Blocks will do the rest.

Q. Can I adjust a room from a hip to a gable end?
A: Yes, Building Blocks will automatically provide you with a hipped roof. If you would like a hip to become a gabled end, simply specify the roof section, and Building Blocks will convert that hip to a gabled end.

Q. Can I utilize my Building Blocks design in SolidBuilder?
A: Yes, if you would like to utilize the powerful features inside SolidBuilder with your Building Blocks design, simply click the ‘Launch SolidBuilder’ button, then sit back and watch. SolidBuilder will convert your design into a framed 3D model. At this point you can perform any SolidBuilder command such as run cut list, run estimates, draw details, and much more.

Q. Is it easy to make changes for the client inside Building Blocks?
A: Yes, Building Blocks allows you to easily add or remove additional rooms from the plan, draw additional walls, and modify existing walls utilizing the click and drag function.

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