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Features For Lumber Yards & Panelizers

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Specific Panelizer Features

3D Modeling & BIM


High Speed Trace Input (Additional Fee)

Plan Details Library

Automatic Options (Additional Fee)

Remodeler Specific Features

Building Blocks




Specific Panelizer Features

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Panel200by350Panelizers have special needs. Read on to see how we have customized SolidBuilder to meet your needs . . . based upon input from our clients of course!

  • Detailed lumber cut lists
  • Optimized material cut lists
  • Detailed shop drawings with member call
  • Detailed layout lists
  • Wall, floor & roof framing and panelization
  • Auto “splitting” options
  • Integrated & customizable database:
    bill of materials, pricing, etc.
  • 3D framing visualization
  • Interfaces to production equipment and software such as:
    • Mango – Apollo Saw Link
    • CompuTrus truss layout software
    • MiTek 20/20 truss layout software
    • AutoMark
    • RazorGauge
    • Omni minimizer
    • Hundegger SC 1 Saw Link
    • Virtek
    • SL Laser Projector
    • Custom requests
  • Create Any Number of Pre-Defined Options (2D or 3D) such as:
    • Master bedroom options
    • Bath options
    • Window options
    • Additional room options
    • Dormer options
    • Decks, porches, etc. options
    • Framing options
    • Basement options

3D Modeling & BIM

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3D Modeling Intelligence
A true 3D home design software program that keeps the 3D model updated even if you prefer to draw in 2D. In either mode, you are designing a 3D model that represents a scaled replica of the project. The ability to view your 3D model at any time offers many advantages over other drawing programs and will help you close a higher percentage of sales opportunities.

Eliminate Design Mistakes BEFORE You Build
True 3D modeling allows you to catch mistakes in the home design stage instead of in the field where they are more costly. Start spending more time building instead of fixing mistakes.

Increased Productivity of Inexperienced Crew Members
Do you have any employees who are inexperienced with reading blueprints? They say a picture is work a thousand words. Utilize SolidBuilder’s 3D modeling abilities to SHOW what needs to be done instead of relying on inexperienced crew’s ability to be accurate.


Sales Tool
Since most customers can’t read blueprints, there isn’t anything more impressive than presenting a 3D model to your customers. Eliminate design changes, impress your customers, and start winning more jobs with SolidBuilder’s 3D modeling.

Accuracy = Profit
With SolidBuilder your 3D model is a true scaled model. This means your design is 100% accurate. This accuracy automatically transfers to your blueprints providing you with more accurate plans which lead to less waste, lower bids with the same profit margins and less headaches in the field as well.

Design the way you Build
SolidBuilder will design exactly the way you’re going to build; just answer a few questions about your building methods. SolidBuilder doesn’t restrict you to drawing a certain way like other programs. Need a step down foundation, vaulted ceilings, special corner framing conditions, or multiple roof slopes diving into one another? No problem – it’s done automatically for you.


Block Options
Design something once and never have to redraw it again. Simply save your design in the Block Options library, then drop that design in future drawings. This module alone will increase your profits and will save you countless hours of work per job. Block Options is ideal for kitchens, baths, decks, garages, 4 season rooms, and much more.


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Click here to view the Framing demo
Run Time: 3 Minutes and 49 Seconds

True Framing Intelligence
Automatically frames your design. It applies the framing settings that you specify (once) to the model to generate an accurate scaled replica of the actual framing AND optimizes your materials thus saving you money.

Automatic sheathing
Allows you to apply sheathing to any framed structure. Simply select the sheathing size and assign a template….SolidBuilder will do the rest automatically.

Advanced Framing Editor
Allows you to frame exactly like you frame in the field. If there is any special circumstance that is going to require some custom framing, simply use the framing editor to reflect that exact framing in SolidBuilder.

Production Drawings
SolidBuilder produces detailed production drawings for any framed object in your design. These production drawing SHOW you exactly what framing members are needed and where they go.

Cut List and Cut Profiles
SolidBuilder automatically calculates cut lists for your entire project to save your crew time and waste less material. Its intelligence also creates cut profiles for any irregular framing member. Cut profiles even show you exactly how irregular pieces need to be cut and assembled. Detailed miters, bevels, angles, seat cuts, birds’ mouth cuts, etc.

Increased Productivity of Inexperienced Crew Members
Stop wasting your time teaching your inexperienced employees how to frame. Let SolidBuilder teach them. With Production drawings and cut profiles, they can simply follow what the picture shows them. A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Etails Distribution Wizard

Reduce Job Site Waste
SolidBuilder home design software optimizes all material used in your project, including framing members, and computes where you can reduce your material usage. This obviously saves you money. This feature alone will save you thousands of dollars by not ordering material you don’t need. You will have a smaller burn pile, less job site theft and a larger wallet.

Catch Framing Conflicts Before They Reach the Field
With truly intelligent 3D framing, you will easily see any framing conflicts during the design process. Reduce your time spent correcting framing problems in the field.

High Speed Trace Input (Additional Fee)

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high-speed-traceThe all-new Trace Intelligence feature lets you simply click points on any electronic plan to create rendered and framed 3D walls, complete with all the framing and takeoff intelligence/accuracy you demand from SolidBuilder.

This new feature can literally reduce your design/drawing time by as much as 75%, without sacrificing any intelligence or accuracy your accustomed to with SolidBuilder!

Click here to view the High Speed Trace Input demo
Run Time: 2 Minutes and 2 Seconds

  • EASY TO USE: If you can trace a line you can utilize our Trace Intelligence module. ZERO learning curve.
  • UNSURPASSED OUTPUT: Trace Intelligence module yields accurate, framed and rendered 3D models. Framed the way you frame in the field.
  • MULTIPLE STORIES: Trace Intelligence easily handles multiple story floor plans.
  • VERSATILE: Can be used for walls, openings, furnishings, roofs, etc.

Plan Details Library

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DetailProSkylightDetail350by200Make your detailing and drafting job even easier! This complete library of over 400 pre-drawn details is sorted and organized by the way you build for easy organization and retrieval. Each detail can also be customized and saved. Used in conjunction with SolidBuilder, this tool will save you time on every project.

This library of the most used details includes details for:

  • Footings
  • Foundations
  • Floors
  • Slabs
  • Walls
  • Wall Sections
  • Ceilings
  • Roofs
  • Decks
  • Stairs/Railings
  • Beams
  • Hangers
  • Miscellaneous

Automatic Options (Additional Fee)

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Options200by350Imagine having your client viewing their model and you instantaneously insert a theater room. Or insert a more upscale master bath or deck right in front of the client. As reported in Builder Magazine, Thompson Homes cataloged and saved every option the company offers. The result? Upgrades and options revenue jumped $275,000 even though the selection process shrank to fewer than 30 days.


Doesn’t it seem you’re always drawing the same items for a new client that you just painstakingly created last month for a different client?

  • With our Automatic Options module you design an item once and save it in SolidBuilder to be reused again and again!
  • Design your options to reduce material waste. And every time you use your options on a new project, you can rest assured that your material waste is minimized. Money in your pocket!
  • The Automatic Options module is also very intuitive. When you insert an option in your new design, it knows to remove the old design AND will update your take offs, production drawings, etc.

Create and save the following as “Options:

Kitchen components
Three seasons rooms
Media rooms
Entire bathrooms
Entire kitchens
Home offices
Game rooms
Home theater rooms

Remodeler Specific Features

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FrametoFinish200by350Remodelers have special needs; our goal is to meet those needs. We have customized SolidBuilder to meet the specific needs of remodelers… based upon input from our clients of course!

Click here to view On-line demo of custom features for remodelers 3 minutes and 40 seconds

  • Automatic tie in of new roof to existing roof on additions
  • Automatic & accurate reporting of remodeled area only including:
  • Take-offs
  • Lumber lists
  • Framing lists & diagrams
  • Cut lists – with automatic material
  • Large selection of kitchen & bath symbols
    in 3D for visualization
  • Variety of deck design & layout tools
  • Automatic 3D tools for visualization

Building Blocks

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Zero Learning Curve
If you can click your mouse, then you can use Building Blocks right out of the box.

Building Blocks Assistant
The Building Blocks Assistant steps you through the design process reducing your learning curve to almost nothing! It’s so easy a technological “caveman” can easily create designs in a matter of minutes!

Automatic Roof Generator
Building Blocks automatically generates an ‘all-hipped’ roof over your design footprint, with the ability to change hips into gables with two clicks. The feature takes all the roof design work away leaving you with an accurate, buildable roof.

Multiple story designs
With Building Blocks you can create multiple story designs easily. Simply specify the number of stories and the wizard will walk you through the rest.

Advanced stair options
Building Blocks gives you tremendous flexibility when creating stairs. With the ability to create straight, ‘L’ shaped, and ‘U’ shaped stairs, you will easily find the right set of stairs to fit your design.

Automatic dimensioning
With automatic dimensioning you will see dimensions update as you make changes to your plan. Need to adjust a room size? Simply drag the room to the desired size and watch your dimensions update.

Click and drag room layouts
Building Blocks allows you to drag your rooms around the design to configure the house layout. This feature saves you hours of work drawing individual walls as well as provides an impressive tool when working with your client on their design.

Click and drag wall modifications
This feature allows modification of a wall length or positioning by simply clicking and dragging. Need to make a wall longer? No problem, simply grip the wall and drag to the desired length.

Drag & drop symbols
Drag & drop symbols lets you insert numerous symbols in a matter of minutes. Simply choose the desired symbol from the database, and then drop that symbol into the desired location. It is that easy.

Easy to place openings
Placing openings in Building Blocks is extremely easy. Simply specify the opening size, then drag and drop the opening to the desired location. You will notice the dimensions update as you move the opening.

Automatic blueprints
After you have your Building Blocks design complete, simply click any of the Blueprints buttons and Building Blocks generates your blueprints in seconds.

Easily adjust hip roofs to gable roofs
Building Blocks will automatically place a roof over your design, but it doesn’t stop there. If you would prefer a gabled end instead of a hip, simply specify which end you want gabled and Building Blocks will do the rest for you.

Automatic section drawings
With Building Blocks you specify where you would like to cut a section view from your model. After you specify the location, Building Blocks automatically creates the drawing for you.

Quickly and accurately generate takeoffs in Building Blocks. Building Blocks generatesACCURATE lumber counts as well as helpful square footages and cubic footages.

Automatically insert dormers in your design. After specifying a few dormer specs, Building Blocks generates a dormer for you to place at the desired location.

Greek Returns
Easily change the appearance of your design by inserting Greek Returns. In a matter of 3 clicks, insert full or partial Greek Returns.

Bay Bump-outs
Insert bay bump-outs into your design as part of your layout. Building Blocks automatically computes the correct bay roof based on the dimensions.

Finished Basements
The Building Blocks assistant will walk you through completing a finished basement. This is a great way up sell your client with only minutes of work.

Easily insert decks into your design. After specifying a deck size and stair location, Building Blocks will generate all the components saving you valuable time on each plan.

Stepped Down Foundations
Easily create stepped down foundations in a matter of clicks. After specifying the step heights and number of steps, Building Blocks automatically converts a full concrete wall into a stepped down foundation wall.

Slab Foundations
Building Blocks creates a slab on grade foundation in a matter of only a couple of mouse clicks.

Residential Details
Easily insert any of the Building Blocks pre- drawn Residential Details into your blueprints to help you get permits faster saving time and money.


Block Options
Block Options give you the ability to draw something once, and save it for use in future plans. This feature alone can save you hours per job. These Block Options can also help you to sell more higher profit options.


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Automatic Takeoffs, not “guesstimates”
SolidBuilder has the ability to compute a material list on anything in your design. SolidBuilder generates an accurate takeoff from your true 3D model in a matter of seconds and since everything in the model has intelligence, everything n the model is counted accurately and completely.

Preloaded Database
SolidBuilder’s database is pre-loaded and ready to use with thousands of items and assemblies including windows, doors, furniture, fixtures, etc. Start drawing and get a take off, not a guesstimate, faster and more accurately than with other software.

Accurate Takeoffs
Since the number one thing we stress in SolidBuilder is ‘design exactly the way you’re going to build, you can be certain your estimate is going to be accurate. All material and each framing member from you design will transfer to the estimate. So you can be certain you are getting an estimate instead of a guesstimate.

Workstage Capabilities
SolidBuilder takeoffs can be organized by user-defined work stages. This feature allows you to match delivery and material to your progress on the site. “Just-in-Time” delivery saves time, saves money by reducing your outstanding debt (saving interest) and reduces the likelihood of material mysteriously disappearing.

Reduce Job Site Waste
SolidBuilder house design software optimizes your material usage showing where material can be used as opposed to tossing it onto the burn pile. This assures you that only the material you need will be calculated in the takeoff. Start putting that ‘fluff’ in your pocket.

Customized Reports
All of the takeoff reports can be customized. SolidBuilder will provide you with unlimited information about your design and you can choose what information you want to display on your reports.

Automatic Sheathing
SolidBuilder’s sheathing command allows you to apply sheathing to any framed structure in SolidBuilder. Simply select the sheathing size and assign a template….SolidBuilder will do the rest. Like all members in SolidBuilder, sheathing cultists can be pulled as well as automatically send the sheet count to your takeoff.


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To view all Sample Output, click here or enjoy a few samples below.

If it is Designed in SolidBuilder, it can be Built in the Field
With SolidBuilder powerful roof feature, it will not only give you a roof that looks good, but we have yet to find one that could not be built in the field as it was designed. Roofs are not as easy as they used to be and you need a product with true building Intelligence to guarantee it can be built as designed. Stop running into problems in the field, design it correctly from the beginning.

Complex Roofs
SolidBuilder is capable of designing very complex roof systems. With flexible roof options, you can create multiple slopes, multiple plate heights, gambrel style, turret style, shed roofs, and much more. Again, we have not found one we couldn’t design in SolidBuilder.

Advanced Roof Options
Roof options allows you to specify exactly how you want your roof built. You can specify information such as rafter size, rafter spacing, seat cuts, birds mount cuts, heel heights, plate heights, cantilevers, multiple ways to specify the slope and much more. SolidBuilder will then display every cut and assembly for your crew in the field to use – get it right the first time.

Truss Links
Since SolidBuilder will design a correct and accurate roof, you can export your design to roof truss programs such as Mitek and Computrus. This allows your truss provider to engineer the trusses based on your design. You won’t find this in any other program simply because no other program can give you an accurate roof design that a truss provider can utilize.

Complex Roof Framing
After your roof has been created, you can frame it with only a couple of clicks. The roof will frame according to your roof options, but with the framing editor, you can modify the roof framing to reflect how the roof will have to be framed on the job site.

Rafter Cut list
After framing your roof, you can utilize the automatic cut lists generated in SolidBuilder. See each rafter profile, the bevel cuts, angles, seat cuts, birds mouth cuts and more.

Trussed Roofs Systems
SolidBuilder has the ability to design a stick framed roof as well as a trussed roof. If representing a trussed roof, simply specify the top chord depth as well as the heel height of the truss. This will give you an accurate roof and therefore accurate blueprints, as well as provide your truss provider with an accurate design.

Roof Sheathing
Once your roof has been created, you can apply roof sheathing. By simply specifying your sheathing size and sheathing template, SolidBuilder applies the sheathing to your roof.


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To view all Sample Output, click here or enjoy a few samples below.

blueprint software

Automatic Blueprints
Your SolidBuilder blueprints are generated from your 3D model. This feature prevents you from having to redraw your design for blueprint purposes.

house blueprint design

Detailed Floor Plans
You can easily generate detailed floor plans. The amount and type of detail applied to the plan is 100% up to the user. Split level and multi levels designs are a snap in SolidBuilder.

house blue print design

Automatic Elevations
SolidBuilder automatically generates all of your elevation drawings for you. You don’t have to worry about transferring important roof or wall lines over to the plan as SolidBuilder will handle it. Simply apply your exterior finish as well as any additional notes and your elevations are complete!

blueprint design software

Miscellaneous Blueprints
In addition to floor plans and elevations, SolidBuilder can produce foundation plans, roof plans, cross sections, electrical plans, mechanical plans, site plans, details, and much more.

Accurate Blueprints
Since SolidBuilder designs exactly the way you build, your blueprints will reflect your building methods, thus reducing jobsite confusion and waste.

2D Features
Commands like the automatic label command, electrical/mechanical database, preloaded 2D symbol, 2D Block Options and much more will assist you in detailing your blueprints in minutes.

Print Layouts
Printing is a breeze in SoldiBuilder. Print layouts allow you to easily place multiple drawings on a border, assign each a scale, and save those as templates.

DetailPro Library
Within blueprints you can create new details for your DetailPro library as well as access and modify existing DetailPro drawings.


Q. Who uses SolidBuilder?
A. Builders, Remodelers, Designers, Architects, Panelizers, Log Home companies, Lumber yards, Modular companies, etc.

Q. What can SolidBuilder do for me?
A. Decrease your costs in material and labor, help unskilled labor perform well, reduce business risk, and give you more control over the operation. See the demos for examples.

Q. Is support available if I need it?
A. Absolutely, there are many ways that we can provide you with assistance. You can call us toll-free and speak with the actual designers of SolidBuilder home design software. Or, these same experienced product specialists can use the Internet and be with you side by side right on your computer. In addition, you will receive a working tutorial with SolidBuilder and you might want to use the Training Tutor CD, which trains you at your speed and on your time line on any topic you wish.

Q. Is training available?
A. Yes. We provide training nearly every week at different locations throughout the country. These classes are comprehensive and will pay for themselves many times over in increased productivity, reduced costs, etc. Click here for more information such as the class curriculum and the instructor’s credentials.

Q. How accurate can I get my SolidBuilder Estimate?
A. One of our clients guarantees estimates to be within 1% or they will eat the difference. That’s accuracy. SolidBuilder comes with a Microsoft Access database, which already contains many building materials, assemblies and more. Once you set up the database your estimate can be a true take-off – far more accurate than the typical “guesstimate” most software provides.

Q. I don’t do my own designs, how would this benefit me?
A. Have you ever found a design problem in the field? Some client’s use SolidBuilder just to be sure the project can be built as drawn. SolidBuilder is a true 3D modeling program and creates a 3D model even if you prefer to design in 2D. This means that everything in the model is scaled and being “built” on the computer. You will find costly mistakes BEFORE hitting the field where mistakes cost you time, money and client frustration.

Q. Does SolidBuilder handle steel framing?
A. Yes. The same way it handles timber framing – see the demo for more information and detail.

Q. Can SolidBuilder handle metric measurements?
A. Yes.

Q. What is the difference between SolidBuilder and others?
A. The difference is that SolidBuilder is a career program based on cutting edge technology. Most software was designed to replace drafting boards and was created as 2D drafting software. Then, due to client demands, 3D capabilities were then added as an after thought – the result are products that are less robust and more cumbersome. A good analogy would be if you decided to add a second story to a ranch design that you had already roofed. We started in 3D because you build in 3D. You can still design in 2D but SolidBuilder’s intelligence builds the project for you in the background in 3D – then all the information you need is taken from the true 3D building model and accuracy is assured.

See the demos for more detail on the 3D intelligence, power, flexibility and ease of use of SolidBuilder. You won’t outgrow SolidBuilder and you can set it up to build or design YOUR way.

Q. Roofs are never easy any more – can SolidBuilder handle custom cut up roofs and ceilings?
A. You should review the Roofs demo but the answer is yes. We have had numerous complex roofs brought to us under the premise “that my current software can’t do this” and SolidBuilder created the roofs, ceilings, rafters, etc. then reported each cut, dimension, etc. A cut up or complex roof design can be a nightmare – SolidBuilder will pay for itself in one use in a situation like this. Simply put, it’s the best there is on roofs.

For a more in depth demonstration, or to talk with someone regarding questions please complete the short Request Info form or call 800-449-5033.