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Q. Can I create photo-realistic 3D images?
A. Yes. Our clients have found this to be a great sales tool and true differentiator between themselves and their competition. Additionally they are selling more higher profit options due to rendering.

Q. Can I import my own image from the internet?
A. Yes. SolidBuilder allows you to use any image file for your renderings. These could include .jpg, .bmp, .tif, or any other common internet file. This feature alone truly allows you to customize your rendering.

Q. I’m not artistic, how does this work?
A. “Simply select the desired material you wish to use for this project from SolidBuilder’s library as you draw in SolidBuilder. This can include your flooring, exterior finish, wall colors, roofing, etc. Once your model is complete, 1 simple click of your mouse will generate a fully rendered drawing by automatically applying your chosen textures to your drawing.

Q. Can I “spin” around a room in my rendered image and see what the room looks like?
A. Yes. SolidBuilder automatically renders your 3D model. This means you can rotate, zoom in, walk through, or work in a rendered view. All this technology is built into SolidBuilder so no additional imports or exports are needed.

Q. Does the 1 click rendering include textures?
A. Yes, SolidBuilder’s textures and materials library is large enough that you will likely never even view them all. The library includes categories such as roofing, siding, brick, stone, carpet, laminate, wood flooring, vinyl flooring, and many more!

Q. Can I modify the texture library?
A. Yes. SolidBuilder’s rendering includes a texture modifier. This feature allows you to open any texture file in the SolidBuilder library and change the appearance. As simple color palette allows you to change the shade of a texture in a matter of a couple clicks. Your modified texture will then save to your library for future use too.

Q. Will 1 click rendering create rendered 2D drawings?
A. Yes. The type of drawing you render is simply based on your current view.

Q. Can I apply light sources & shadows to my drawings?
A. Yes. By simply specifying a light location, SolidBuilder will automatically cast shadows of objects in your drawing.