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Q. Who uses SolidBuilder?
A. Builders, Remodelers, Designers, Architects, Panelizers, Log Home companies, Lumber yards, Modular companies, etc.

Q. What can SolidBuilder do for me?
A. Decrease your costs in material and labor, help unskilled labor perform well, reduce business risk, and give you more control over the operation. See the demos for examples.

Q. Is support available if I need it?
A. Absolutely, there are many ways that we can provide you with assistance. You can call us toll-free and speak with the actual designers of SolidBuilder home design software. Or, these same experienced product specialists can use the Internet and be with you side by side right on your computer. In addition, you will receive a working tutorial with SolidBuilder and you might want to use the Training Tutor CD, which trains you at your speed and on your time line on any topic you wish.

Q. Is training available?
A. Yes. We provide training nearly every week at different locations throughout the country. These classes are comprehensive and will pay for themselves many times over in increased productivity, reduced costs, etc. Click here for more information such as the class curriculum and the instructor’s credentials.

Q. How accurate can I get my SolidBuilder Estimate?
A. One of our clients guarantees estimates to be within 1% or they will eat the difference. That’s accuracy. SolidBuilder comes with a Microsoft Access database, which already contains many building materials, assemblies and more. Once you set up the database your estimate can be a true take-off – far more accurate than the typical “guesstimate” most software provides.

Q. I don’t do my own designs, how would this benefit me?
A. Have you ever found a design problem in the field? Some client’s use SolidBuilder just to be sure the project can be built as drawn. SolidBuilder is a true 3D modeling program and creates a 3D model even if you prefer to design in 2D. This means that everything in the model is scaled and being “built” on the computer. You will find costly mistakes BEFORE hitting the field where mistakes cost you time, money and client frustration.

Q. Does SolidBuilder handle steel framing?
A. Yes. The same way it handles timber framing – see the demo for more information and detail.

Q. Can SolidBuilder handle metric measurements?
A. Yes.

Q. What is the difference between SolidBuilder and others?
A. The difference is that SolidBuilder is a career program based on cutting edge technology. Most software was designed to replace drafting boards and was created as 2D drafting software. Then, due to client demands, 3D capabilities were then added as an after thought – the result are products that are less robust and more cumbersome. A good analogy would be if you decided to add a second story to a ranch design that you had already roofed. We started in 3D because you build in 3D. You can still design in 2D but SolidBuilder’s intelligence builds the project for you in the background in 3D – then all the information you need is taken from the true 3D building model and accuracy is assured.

See the demos for more detail on the 3D intelligence, power, flexibility and ease of use of SolidBuilder. You won’t outgrow SolidBuilder and you can set it up to build or design YOUR way.

Q. Roofs are never easy any more – can SolidBuilder handle custom cut up roofs and ceilings?
A. You should review the Roofs demo but the answer is yes. We have had numerous complex roofs brought to us under the premise “that my current software can’t do this” and SolidBuilder created the roofs, ceilings, rafters, etc. then reported each cut, dimension, etc. A cut up or complex roof design can be a nightmare – SolidBuilder will pay for itself in one use in a situation like this. Simply put, it’s the best there is on roofs.

For a more in depth demonstration, or to talk with someone regarding questions please complete the short Request Info form or call 800-449-5033.