Recommended for: Builders, Remodelers, Estimators, Lumber Yards / Building Material Supply firms

SolidBuilder Design-Build Suite is the ideal all in one contractor design software solution. This Suite contains 100% of the other SolidBuilder products including the easy to use interface and outstanding visualization tools. Additional important capabilities of note include: Proposal Generator, Integration Links for Panelizers including MiTek, integration with 20-20 Kitchen Designs, REScheck and Autodesk to name a few.

If you build, provide estimates and/or use Panelization (or plan to in the future) this is the product for you. The “Suite” includes the easy to use interface with incredible visualizations (plus Virtual Reality) to close sales while also providing the tools to keep your bids as low as possible, yet profitable. Many builders are venturing into using Panelizing in some form (driven by a shortage of labor) and the Design-Build “Suite” also provides these tools / capabilities with no additional costs. Design-Build simultaneously tracks your material takeoffs as you design. You are also provided with report customization tools for any project. Optimized cut lists are also available to help you reduce waste and put more money in your pocket.

Payments plans are available. Call 800-449-5033 for payment options.