Residential Design Software For Builders

Welcome to Digital Canal, where we want to introduce you to the leading residential design software for builders. Design Expert is utilized every single day out in the field by builders all across the world. These are time tested and proven software tools.


With these programs, you are able to seamlessly streamline the entire design process from start to finish. With our residential design software for builders, you are able to:


  •    Create detailed floor plans of your home
  •    Choose from a pre-loaded database of items or features
  •    Create 3D models and walk through’s of your home to show clients
  •    Export the design into buildable blueprints
  •    Run a takeoff from your plans to generate accurate estimates
  •    Test buildability of your home before your crews hit the field
  •    And more


This is just a small slice of what you can achieve with our residential design software for builders. Design Expert is industry-leading software that allows all types of professionals to virtually build their projects on the computer screen.

Thanks to the True Build technology that is embedded in the software, you won’t be able to design anything that you can’t actually build. This eliminates the prospect of major, time-consuming and expensive mistakes out in the field.


Easy-to-use, minimal learning curve

While this residential design software for builders is certainly sophisticated in what it’s able to do, it’s still very simple to learn and to use. Most of our clients spend a few hours with the software and then are able to get to work right away designing homes of all different types and boasting a wide variety of features.

The design phase of a project used to be a very time-consuming one — albeit, it was still very important. With our residential design software for builders, you can achieve speed, accuracy and a preserve your resources in the process. Put Design Expert to work for you. Talk to Digital Canal to get started.

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