Remodeling Blueprint Drafting Software

If you’re engaging in a remodeling project, or simply pitching an idea to a potential client, Digital Canal has a game-changing remodeling blueprint software available to help with your efforts.

This digital tool is one of the most intuitive and innovative solutions available to construction professionals, streamlining the process of designing and preparing to execute a project out in the field. With our suite of remodeling blueprint drafting programs, you are able to:


  •    Design your project from the ground up
  •    Generate a 3D model to show potential clients
  •    Leverage virtual reality capabilities to truly engage your potential clients
  •    Populate a materials list
  •    Utilize Quick Prints to generate workable blueprints
  •    And more

All of this is done with one piece of blueprint drafting software for remodeling — it’s one of the only tools you’ll need to win bids and properly prepare for remodeling projects.


If you can design it with our remodeling blueprint software, you can build it

Thanks to Design Expert, you can eliminate any potential errors that carry over from the design phase into the building phase. That’s because, with our remodeling blueprint drafting programs, you can only design projects that you are able to build out in the field. Design Expert won’t let you create something only to find out later that it’s not possible to execute.

This feature alone ultimately helps you save time and expenses that come with errors. Design Expert pads your bottom line while allowing you to work more efficiently.


Take Design Expert for a test drive

Digital Canal worked to provide a digital solution that, not only caters to construction professionals, but was also created by construction professionals. Our team knows the industry and we know the struggles that come with winning bids on remodeling projects. With Design Expert, you can clear these hurdles and find more success in your remodeling business.

Our remodeling blueprint software is waiting for you to explore. Get started now by connecting with the Digital Canal team.


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