Professional AutoCAD Design Software

With professional AutoCAD design software at your disposal, you and your building or construction company will be able to tackle a higher volume of jobs without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

Here at Digital Canal, our team is comprised of fellow building professionals, so we know how the business goes. Some months you are scratching for any work you can find while, other months, you’ll find yourself buried under a pile of projects, or having to submit bids for a number of jobs. The right AutoCAD design software for contractors can streamline these processes for you.


Introducing Design Expert by Digital Canal

When it comes to finding professional AutoCAD software for builders, you simply can’t go wrong with Design Expert. The team at Digital Canal has created an all-in-one digital solution that helps you prepare for projects more efficiently while providing your potential clients with the materials they need to be confident in the caliber of your work.

With our professional AutoCAD design software, you are able to:

  • Take the reins of a user-friendly design interface that allows you to drag-and-drop pre-loaded objects and set-ups to create projects from the ground up — everything from remodeling projects to an entire home or commercial building.


  • You can use our AutoCAD design software for contractors to create 2D and 3D models of the project. We even enable virtual reality capabilities to allow your team, or your clients, to take a tour through the project before you’ve even gone out on the job site.


  • Generate buildable blueprints and populate a materials list. Once you design your project, you can generate these important aspects of the job to ensure you have everything you need before you hit the field.


Try a free trial of our game-changing professional AutoCAD design software and bring efficiency, accuracy and profitability to your operation. The team at Digital Canal is ready to help you get started.


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