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Floor Plan Drawing Software Programs

As exquisite floor plans become increasingly popular so, too, does the need for an advanced floor plan drawing software for residential contractors. SolidBuilder by Digital Canal allows even the most novice of user to design and implement custom floor plans to fit their client’s desires. Gone are the days where a client must settle for a predesigned lay out.

Precise material list

Never before has there been a floor plan software for contractors that will provide the builder with an exact list of every material needed, down to the precise measurements for each cut.

SolidBuilder offers a return on investment on the very first day because our floor plan drawing programs for commercial contractors eliminates costly material cutting errors on the worksite and eliminates unnecessary waste.

Focusing on the design AND construction of your project

Most floor plan drawing programs for contractors focus on the architectural aspect to the design instead of the construction side. SolidBuilder does both.

With the intelligence built in to allow you design freedom while maintaining the integrity of the build our floor plan drawing software for residential contractors will not let you design anything that can’t be built.

Easy to use

Right out of the box, this floor plan drawing programs for commercial contractors can be used by anyone, regardless of their skill in design. You don’t have to be a studied architect to design the home of your client’s dreams; SolidBuilder does all of the heavy lifting for you while having practically zero learning curve, making it quick and simple to learn.

Once the design is completed, you can easily print it, along with placing multiple drawings on a single border.

Hands down, SolidBuilder is the leading floor plan drawing software for residential contractors on the market. It can easily jumpstart your business and increase your revenue on the first day. Call us today for a free consultation and see how we can put our program to work for you.