Design Software For Builders Contractors

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With industry proven design software for builders, you can build your project step by step before you even deploy your crews out to the field. That’s the idea behind Digital Canal’s advanced and award winning software, called SolidBuilder and Building Blocks.

With these highly intuitive tools, you are able to design your structure, build it on the computer screen and then translate those plans into workable blueprints. This is design software for contractors that will change the way you design. Digital Canal allows you to achieve superior:

  • Time efficiency: With Building Blocks, you can design an entire home in 20 minutes! It’s truly that simple and quick. Gone are the days where the design process would leach hours of your time, thus, pushing back the completion date for the project.


  • Accuracy: While our design software for builders does in fact move quickly, it manages to retain a precise level of accuracy. That’s because, with True Build technology, it stops you from building anything in the program that can’t be built out in the field. This means that you are cutting down, or eliminating, problems you would encounter during the building process BEFORE you get to the job site.


  • Presentation for clients: Our design software for contractors is not just a tool for your crews, but it is also helpful in getting clients on board with your project. Through the 3D model building feature, clients can take a look at their project and experience it in very vivid terms up top and including a 3D walk through.


On top of all these obvious benefits, our design software for contractors is very inexpensive. SolidBuilder and Building Blocks essentially pay for themselves within the first project you implement them.

We invite you to consult with our team and learn more about our design software for builders. Get acquainted with SolidBuilder and Building Blocks to see how it can bring efficiency and productivity to your building operation.

For immediate assistance or to see a demonstration please call 1-800-449-5033 or click here