Construction Drawing Programs Software

Construction drawing software for contractors can make your professional life a whole lot easier. The design process can be time-consuming and tedious, but with Digital Canal and our suite of digital tools, this phase of your project can be completely streamlined.


As new tools become available to construction professionals, not all of these individuals are so quick to get on board. There are a few reservations that contractors might have about investing in drawing programs for building contractors. The following are a few of those concerns and how we put them to rest.


  • Takes too long to master: A lot of professionals don’t want construction software for building contractors because they fear it is going to take them months to even learn how to use it. Digital Canal offers Design Expert and Build Blocks, our drawing program software for contractors. This software boasts a minimal learning curve and offers assistance that is built right into the program.


  • Cost: Of course, all construction professionals are really in-tune with their expenses. They can’t blow money on something that doesn’t drive strong ROI. Digital Canal’s construction drawing software for contractors pays for itself with just one successful bid. Plus, it also saves you time and energy right out of the gate.


  • They want a free trial: Digital Canal doesn’t offer free trials of our drawing program for building contractors — but we do provide free demonstrations. This way, you can actually see the software in action, being used the way its intended to be used.

The over 11,000 clients that have invested in Digital Canal and our solutions for construction professionals have reported that the software has served as an invaluable asset for them.

You can see for yourself by scheduling a free demonstration of our construction drawing software for contractors. Digital Canal has representatives standing by to tell you about our many helpful digital tools.