Construction Drawing Programs For Building

Digital Canal offers construction drawing software for building contractors that make all phases of a project quick, efficient and easy. That’s actually what sets our industry-leading software apart from the rest.

Digital Canal has married all the important aspects of a project into some of our construction drawing programs for construction contractors. Instead of designing in one program and then switching software to generate an estimate, it’s all in one spot thanks to Digital Canal and our drawing software for building contractors.


Introducing SolidBuilder and Building Blocks

SolidBuilder is industry-leading software developed by Digital Canal, with Building Blocks being the front end interface to the software. By using this construction drawing software for contractors, all phases of your project will become streamlined, including:


  • Designing: Our construction drawing software for building contractors is intuitive and easy-to-use. Nothing can be designed in our software that can’t actually be built, so it cuts down on potential errors.


  • Blueprints: These designs can easily be converted into blueprints that are accurate and precise.


  • Takeoff: With quick and easy takeoff based on your design, you are able to equip your team with the appropriate materials without waste. And, with BidBuilder (additional software from Digital Canal) you can cover both your design and estimating needs through just one set of tools.


Our construction drawing programs for construction contractors is easy-to-use, affordable and comes with unmatched customer support. In fact, our clients get the benefit of unlimited, toll-free, direct support whenever they need it. Not only do we provide superior software, but we want to make sure that our clients have the resources they need to make the most of it.

Contact Digital Canal and learn more about our construction drawing software for building contractors and our many other innovative solutions to make your life easier. We are standing by to help.