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Client Success Stories

Design Software

…Too high on the bid and they lose the project. Too low and they lose money.

SolidBuilder’s accuracy has been a key in enabling our clients to win more bids.  Some of our clients even guarantee their bid, which has increased our revenues and our client’s revenues substantially.  SolidBuilder’s building intelligence and accuracy provides a true competitive advantage in an industry where being off by only a small amount can make or break you. 

Dave Blampied

…I design all my projects with SolidBuilder. My close rate has been about 8 or 9 in 10. Before we started using SolidBuilder we would struggle to get a 2 in 10 close rate.

The new “Building Blocks” feature makes that process even more fun for the client and faster for me. When we finish the first design meeting, it’s just a matter of some brief detailing of the model before it’s time for contract presentation drawings. And let’s face it, the quicker you can get the client to sign the line, the better.

…This level of detail gives the client added confidence that we really know our business and all the details will be taken care of. I even “encourage” the client to bid out the job to other contractors once I’ve finished the design and submitted my contract. Only about 1 in 10 ever does as the confidence in our professional presentation alleviates any fears they may have as to our ability to handle their project.   

That’s the difference between having to get back together for another meeting, maybe, or getting them to put a deposit down right then and there.

The Systems Built home manufacturers we work with love the quick presentations /preliminaries I can give them for pricing. I can then provide them with the exact framing details to make it easy to understand and build just what I want.  

Chuck Owings, President
Short Hill Design & Construction LTD.

I wanted to thank Digital Canal for a great product, great support and knowing what designers and builders really need to increase their profits.

SolidBuilder was not the first 3D program that I looked at and used.  But, it was the last.

I appreciate that when I am designing I can instantly see the results in 3D of every change.  I make the engineer’s work easier when I present all of the sections and details that I have generated for him.  It is so quick and easy to create these extra drawings that I do much more detailing than I ever did before.

No other program that I used or looked at could edit framing accurately.  No other program could create roofs with the ease, options and accuracy that SolidBuilder does, either.

                             Del Goff
Del Goff Construction – ID

“SolidBuilder has created an entirely different aspect to our business.  Before purchasing SolidBuilder I had very little computer knowledge.  I now perform all drafting and design phases on the computer and I personally perform all designs, estimating, superintendent and client relations with our company.  SolidBuilder has become a very useful, professional and exciting tool in our strategies for the company.  This has given us a substantial edge in a tough custom home market.”

                                Miles Milton
Homes By New Vistas – NM

“I am writing to express my enthusiasm for SolidBuilder.  My hope was that the program would help to lower my building costs and it has done this and much more.  I no longer pay for design work, lumber takeoffs, etc. and I am much more productive.  I do custom homes, spec homes and remodels and the options are endless.  The program also serves as an excellent selling tool.  Potential clients become my clients after seeing the addition to their home in 3D.  Simply put this is one of best investments I have made for my business.”

                                Pat Knight
Knight Construction & Design- WA

“SolidBuilder is a major time saving and money making device.  I can draw a complete floor plan in an hour or two and within a few seconds I have accurately framed the house, gave me an accurate lumber list and accurate estimate.  This would usually take at least 2 people a full day just to estimate and it won’t be nearly as precise.”

                                Nick Graziani
Framing Systems, Inc. – MN

“What used to take us 7 to 8 hours now takes only an hour.  We are a general contracting company and are able to double our production.  Instead of framing only 1 house per week we are able to frame 2.  We definitely recommend this to anyone in the contracting business.”

                                Pam Volosin
HV contracting – CA

“And this is truly the importance of SolidBuilder from my stand point as a builder – how can I use this tool to increase my profits?  The drawings I have been able to produce with SolidBuilder have been top quality in appearance and detail.  Not only do I use them to sell my product to an ever discriminating customer but I can “sell” the project to my sub contractors and employees as well.  If I provide my subs with really detailed drawings I save time – and thus money!  I would certainly recommend this product to my fellow builders as the way to go in making money with the use of home design software.

                                Michael Temple
Mike Temple, Inc. – ME

“SolidBuilder has brought about the most significant change in our business in the last 25 years”

                                Greg Hooper
PlaceMakers – Wellington, New Zealand

Estimating Software

…Not only has the owner of our company said this to me regarding the volume production of my estimates, I hear it from builders praising the accuracy of my bids.

…My unused metal stud and drywall filled roughly half the bed of a standard pick-up truck

…An average of nearly 10 jobs per month. Totaling over 8 million dollars. 

…Five stars also for its ease and clarity of operation.

…Thanks again for supplying a much needed edge over my competition.  

                             David E. Kling
Fairfield County Drywall

“The ultimate result of using your estimating software has allowed us to add 2-3 additional production employees in the field since we get out more estimates in less time which has resulted in increases in both our gross revenue and net profit without increasing overhead.”

                                Ervin Bolt
Ervin Bolt Construction – IN

“We have been extremely pleased with BidBuilder and your staff.  We were able to learn BidBuilder in 2 hours.  It is adaptable to any style of estimating and can be tailored to anyone’s needs.  Very impressive.  The icing on the cake is that our first bid totaled $1,810,000 and the next contractors price was $1,811,000 with 4 other contractors within $75,000.  If this is not the perfect example of the accuracy of BidBuilder, the dedication of the Digital Canal staff and the simplicity of the program I don’t know what is.”

M & M Enterprises – IA

A material takeoff that once took hours to create by hand is now almost instantaneously!  Because of this, I now have the ability to lighten the overburdened load of the managers with a click of the mouse.

                                Thomas Kirch
Spivey Construction – IN

We had been using a spread sheet, thank you for getting me involved with BidBuilder.  We needed a program that has a very short learning curve and that can be set up by used by anyone in the office or on the job site.  We created our first estimate with BidBuilder in less than one hour.  We usually won’t recommend a product until we have used it for some time, but the features of BidBuilder cause us to highly recommend it to anyone that has a need for a good estimating software program.

                                Bob Withers
Construction Unlimited, Inc. – CO

“The whole bidding process is cut anywhere from 50% to 75% resulting in a time savings of 20 to 60 hours and $1,000 to $3,000 per job.”

                                Fred Rosenberg
Plan It Right – CA

“BidBuilder construction estimating software has saved me countless hours not only because it is easy but also because of the updated pricing features.  We build spec homes and with one click I know my estimate will be updated and right on the money.  I can update this as I need, monthly, weekly, or daily!  I am amazed at how fast I get my estimates done and the accuracy BidBuilder gives me is astonishing.  BidBuilder has also placed me ahead of my competition because I get my estimate back to the client fast and know its accurate and without any surprises to either party.”

                                Ryan Mayberry
Northwest Building Company – NC