Building Architectural Design Software

Your provider of building architectural software should be on-board to help your team with all technical issues and concerns. How many times have you purchased a new piece of software, only to find out that there are major functionality issues, and the manufacturer is reluctant to actually help?


At Digital Canal, we hold our clients in high esteem, offering architectural design software for contractors that comes along with a promise — we are on your side. When you choose our Design Expert building architectural design software, you are investing in a team that is always available to provide prompt, thorough technical support.


Choosing our VIP support package means that you will always receive access to the most recent upgrades and product enhancements before your competitors, giving you a significant market advantage. There are many providers of design software on the market today, but few offer the same care and consideration as Digital Canal.

Support for your building architectural software needs

When you invest in architectural design software for contractors, you want the peace of mind to know that your staff can be trained thoroughly and quickly, speeding implementation and reducing the impact to your business.


Digital Canal offers multiple training options that come directly from the developers — no middle-man sales trainers here. We appreciate that every company has different needs, which is why we offer online custom training and in-person classes at our domestic headquarters.


A trained professional is always on-hand to provide support and assistance with your transition to Design Expert building architectural software. You deserve the peace of mind to know that your company is in good hands — and Digital Canal delivers. Our valued clients all receive top-notch support from our customer service and implementation specialists, making the transition to a new software system a breeze. Ready to try our specialized design software? Contact our team today for a no-cost trial.


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