AutoCAD House Planning Software Programs

Welcome to Digital Canal, where we can equip you with autoCAD software for contractors that will make your professional life easier and allow you to provide better service for your clients in the process.

Digital Canal set out decades ago to design house planning software for residential contractors that essentially streamlines every crucial phase of a project. The old way featured long, tedious processes that invited human error into the equation.

With our AutoCAD programs for residential contractors, you are now able to digitize all these processes to make them quicker and more accurate. This frees up your time and eliminates waste to help cushion your bottom line.


‘Wow’ potential clients with our AutoCAD home planning software

When men and women are searching for professionals to take on their new home building or remodeling projects, they’re going to choose the one that shows they can make their dream home come to life.

With Digital Canal and our AutoCAD software for contractors, you are able to do that. With a very basic drag-and-drop interface, you can build a home right in front of potential clients, making seamless changes along the way and generating 3D models so they can see the project come to life.


Making the building process easier

Not only does our house planning software for residential contractors impress clients and allow them to get everything they want out of their custom home, but the construction process is streamlined, as well.

Our software allows you to export the design into blueprints. Everything designed can be built out in the field. You can also quickly run a takeoff on the project to populate an accurate materials list.

Digital Canal has developed AutoCAD software for contractors that truly has their needs in mind. This is software developed by builders, for builders.